Broeden & I had played with the idea of choreographing our wedding dance. The only problem being – we are both terrible dancers.
We were discussing the reception with our MC & made a comment of not being sure whether or not to plan something for our first dance, and to our surprise, there was no question in the matter.
We had to do it & Glenn had the perfect person in mind to teach us how… Jody from Rhythm & Dance Attitude.

We contacted Jody (upon hesitation), and scheduled in our first dance lesson. I found myself feeling quite nervous as doing this was such a foreign concept for me, and I knew deep down Broeden was absolutely casing himself!!
The second Jody introduced herself we were both put at ease. We chatted about our thoughts as we had our idea fairly nailed down. Jody took it and ran with it. It seemed like something very simple to her and pretty quickly put our ideas into motion! After our first hour lesson we had the first quarter of our dance down pat. (Our dance was hip/hop themed to a very techno song – so something completely different to the standard waltz).

Broeden & I continued our lessons with Jody until the entire dance became second nature. Which didn’t take as long as we first thought it might! Broeden became very confident in his moves and we even got to practice in my wedding dress (with an oversized t-shirt over the top, of course). Not a second of it felt forced, or boring. It was so, so FUN! Performing on our wedding night was such an awesome rush as everyone loves surprises! Especially when you clearly put in a lot of effort.

We are both so glad we came to Jody. She is an incredible choreographer and dancer herself & we’re so happy we have this memory to remember! I have already recommended Jody to two other people and will continue to do so.
Thank you so much Jody! You’re an absolute legend!

Kelly & Broeden Mappas
28th March 2015

We started lessons with Jody for our wedding dance in Oct 2015. From the very first contact made with Jody she was fantastic! Very fast response and willing to answer any questions we had. Both my husband and myself were not big dancers and Jody was able to work with what we could do and choreograph a quirky dance to the song we had chosen. We didn’t want your usual bridal Waltz and opted for something that would surprise our guests and in the end ourselves! We thoroughly enjoyed our lessons with Jody and have even discussed continuing some form of dance with Jody for the fun of it!

Thank you is never enough for what you have done for us Jody and we promise to send through a more formal video for you to post!

I never thought I would ever enjoy dancing until we started dealing with Jody. In all honesty I was dreading the thought of having to dance on my wedding day. However Jody was absolutely fantastic and dare I say it I massively enjoyed each lesson (there was 7 of them but I needed it).

Kelly & Broeden Mappas
28th March 2015