Adult Group Classes

Group Lessons are a great way to be introduced into Ballroom Dancing. It is a fantastic way to socialise and meet people, whilst learning to dance. Some of the health benefits of Ballroom Dancing are well documented, and enriches cognitive learning in both children & adults. But the most important thing is to have FUN! 

Adult Beginners Basic Ballroom Class, and Adult Advanced Class are held at Corinda Bowls Club, 58 Hall Ave, Corinda. We run almost all year round, including school holidays.  

Class times are as follows:

Beginners Basic Ballroom Class 6.45pm – 7.45pm  $18pp

Adult Advanced Class 8.00pm – 8.45pm  $18pp

Our Beginners Class specialises in people who have never danced before, and really want to do something in a group environment. This is the first step in learning how to dance, both for yourself and with a partner.  Our aim is to have loads of fun, whilst learning a steps to dance in time with music.  

Our qualified instructors are there to teach and guide you through the steps.  No partner? No worries!  We will take care of that for you. Just remember to come along in comfortable clothes and enclosed shoes, a water bottle and towel (dancing can be workout!) and sense of fun.  We teach 2 dances per night, and rotate them on a three-week basis.

The Advanced Class is for our students who are proficient with the basics, but want to learn some of the finer details like posture, arm positions, use of the body to develop movement. We also will be teaching a different and more advanced group of steps, by focusing on one dance per lesson.

If you would like to complete both classes, we are offering a package cost of $30 for two classes for the evening. There are no lock in contracts, just come along for a night of fun, laughs, dancing and meeting people. 

Sequence Dance Classes, Thursdays 10:30am – 12:00pm $18 Corinda Bowls Club

Learn the dances that are done socially! A great way to start your dance journey, as these dances are patterned and repeatable steps. A relaxed and in air-conditioned comfort.

We know that sometimes Tuesday’s is hard to do with everything else going on – so why not try a Friday night instead? Our Graceville studio is up the road from Honour Avenue, Graceville, where there is some great restaurants. so why not grab a bite to eat, come dancing, and catch a movie afterwards? What a great Friday night!

Learn to Dance Class – Friday’s 6.30pm – 7.30pm at our Graceville location.  Still only $18pp, and still so much fun! 

Address is 16 Young St, Graceville. Parking onsite, with extra street parking.

Feel free to contact us for more information.