Want to meet us??  We are often at boutique wedding expos, and would love to meet you! Our first expo for 2019 is the Your Local Wedding Guide Expo, to be held on the 18 – 20th January 2019, at The Sofitel Brisbane, 469 Ann St, Brisbane. For further details on this expo, please click here – feel free to come and introduce yourself, and have a chat about your vision for your dance. We can create a dance, a flash mob, something funny, something sweet, Father/Daughter dances, Mother/Son dances, and so much more.

Bridal Dances usually take between 3 – 5 lessons, depending on your commitment to doing a bit of practice (trust us, it makes it easier on the day!) and the price per couple per lesson is $80 for 45 mins. You aren’t locked into a package, we merely see how you are doing and book lessons from there.  But from a budget perspective, aim for 5 so you know what your costs will be. At Your First Dance, we pride ourselves on not locking you into unnecessary classes or extra lessons to satisfy a package.  So rest assured, we have your best interest (and hip pocket!) at heart.

If you’re looking to create that special moment on your wedding day and are not sure where to start, we can assist you to achieve your dance dreams. Contact us today!


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