RDA Kids Dance Club

Dancing has many benefits socially, emotionally and physically for individuals of all ages. Dancing can also be an outlet for children suffering ADHD, as a lot of kids suffering from this illness, are able to relax with the music, and enjoy the structure of the class. It helps children develop better social skills, builds confidence as well as helps prevent against diseases such as Diabetes, by adding mental and physical exercise to daily activities. Dancing also builds discipline for growing kids, a trait that can be seen in many other walks of life.

We love (and encourage) our parents/guardians/grandparents etc to stay during classes and watch what the children learn.  We feel that this supports the students, and makes them feel more relaxed in this environment. And besides, it may encourage you to join in!

RDA Kids Dance Club will run to Queensland school terms.  There will be 2 classes on a Thursday afternoon:

Mini Groovers ( ages 6 – 9) at 5.00pm – 5.30pm
Teen Groovers (ages 10 – 16) at 6.15pm – 7.00pm

Forest Lake Community Hall, 60 College Avenue, Forest Lake.

We will be commencing our Bronze Medal class in Term 1 of the Queensland School Term. Children will learn 3 dances, and work towards the medal at the end of term.

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While not all dancers choose to compete, dancing in a competition can foster self-esteem for young dancers.

Dancesport is the name given to competitive Ballroom Dancing. Competitions are held on local, regional, National, and International levels. Dancers compete in groups against other dancers of the same age and skill level. Although competition may bring visions of elaborate costumes, covered in rhinestones, at the juvenile level (up to the age of 13) there is a restricted dress standard.

Should your child be interested in competitions, please contact us here, and we would be more than happy to provide further information.